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Goodman Offers Programmable Thermostats

A programmable thermostat offers the opportunity to lower your heating and cooling bills, but they need to be programmed properly! For guidance on getting the most control from your thermostat, contact a local heating and cooling professional.

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Goodman Manufacturing Talks New Gas Furnaces

Designing Spaces explores the home of Daniel Boyette where a new gas furnace, the Amana 20 SEER Inverter System, has been installed in the attic. This furnace includes a steel tubular design, a lifetime replacement warranty, and a maintenance plan. Daniel explains how an HVAC system works, and the importance of having regular maintenance checks. […]

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High Efficiency Air Conditioning Systems to Lower Utility Bills

High-efficiency air conditioning systems can lower your current utility bills dramatically. Sure, they may require a greater up-front investment, but you get savings every month for years and years. And your home will be more comfortable all year long, too.

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Keep Home Heating Bills Manageable

One of the largest expenses associated with running a household is keeping the inside temperature comfortable. One way to control these costs is with a higher efficiency HVAC system. Designing Spaces’ Think Green visits Tallahassee, Fla. to visit a home with a newly installed high-efficiency heating system. Daniel from Goodman Manufacturing explains what makes a […]

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