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A Garage Makeover Can Transform Your Whole Space

Does your garage contain more than your car? Does your car even fit in your garage? Professional organizer Tatiana is here to rescue, with a lot of help from Trinity International Industries. It’s time to overcome the obstacle of your disorderly garage, and Tatiana’s got expert advice on how to conquer the clutter and neatly […]

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How to Create an Organized, Clutter-Free Laundry Room

Is your laundry room a cluttered mess? That seems a little ironic, since it’s the place we go to clean our clothes, and probably store our cleaning supplies! Never fear, professional organizer Tatiana Knight comes to the rescue: she’s got a fix for the dreaded dilemma of a cluttered laundry room.

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Great Ways to Organize Your Backyard Space

Ready to put everything in its place in your backyard? Professional organizer Tatiana Knight shares her first-rate organizing tips to help transform your backyard into a party ready, picture perfect space.

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Keep Your Kids’ Rooms Neat for Summer

Is your kid’s room a disaster? Well school’s out, so it’s the perfect time to get your kids’ rooms looking shipshape for summer? Professional organizer Tatiana Knight gets help from Trinity products with some helpful tips to how to organize your kids’ bedrooms and keep them looking clean and neat through the summer break — […]

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