Energy & Efficiency

Modern technology has made it easier than ever to maximize energy efficiency, one of the top priorities for homeowners everywhere. We’ll offer DIY tips and introduce innovative products and companies who show you how to save money while you conserve energy.

Keeping Your Vehicle Looking and Running Its Best

Stay tuned as we highlight ways to keep your car looking and running at its best.

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Learn How to Protect Against Intense Heat and Damaging UV Rays

Learn how to protect yourself and your home from intense heat and damaging UV rays with XPEL window film.

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Sea Foam Helps Your Engine Run Better and Last Longer

Sea Foam creates safe and effective products to help vehicles, engines, and equipment run cleaner and last longer.

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Maintenance and Care Tips From the Car Pros

The motor oil in your car helps drive your engine. But do you know how often it really needs to be changed? Or what kind of oil works best for your car?

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