People Can’t Decide Whether ‘Millennial Gray’ Is Here to Stay – Or Not  

Trends come and go like gusts of wind – especially in the design world. We are constantly wondering what’s “in” and what’s “out” and it can be exhausting. Thank goodness we live in an era where people love talking about trends, amirite?   Today, let’s start with color. But not just any color. We are talking […]

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Modernize Your Home With Style

A new townhouse gets upgraded with an accent wall, architraves around the windows and doorways, and a decorative staircase — all from ECMD.

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Bounty Is the Quicker Picker Upper

When it comes to cleaning, dish towels can spread remnants throughout the home, leading to cross-contamination in food areas. Bounty is the more hygienic choice for cleaning surfaces versus a used dish cloth. That’s why we are sharing cleaning tips and solutions from the experts at Procter and Gamble. Cleaning routines for your home are essential […]

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A Cleaning Company Perfect for Every Surface in Your Home or Business

Many studies have shown that people with clean houses are healthier. Stay tuned to learn how Coit can help.

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