Your Next Car: Auto Financing – Part III

We want to share some of the terms that are important components when determining how much you will need to borrow to make the purchase. Automotive Financing Terms Trade-in allowance This is the amount that the dealer offers off the price of the vehicle being offered for the vehicle you want to trade in. This […]

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Your Teen’s First Car – Part II

In this article, we provide you a concise list of vehicles to consider. Please bear in mind that this list is not complete or comprehensive, but more of a guide when considering this type of purchase for your teen driver. Chevrolet Malibu sedan (2004-2006) — The Malibu was redesigned and moved to a larger platform […]

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Your Teen’s First Car – Part I

Well, it’s finally happened. Your teen has turned “that age” where they start bugging you for a car. They have gone through driver’s ed, gotten their learner’s permit and even managed to get their license. Now the discussions for their own car are happening around the dinner table. If you have older children, you have […]

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Your Next Car: Auto Financing Part 1

Over the past year, we have discussed many of the aspects of vehicle selection, evaluation and purchase. For the next couple of visits, we plan to talk about the actual components of automotive financing – what you may already know — and some of the things you may not know, but might help you the next […]

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