3M Forsus Correctors

Getting Proactive for Better Living

On this edition of Designing Spaces, we make some major changes in our lives by getting proactive and creating a better home for ourselves and family. The first topic delves into water quality in the home and how water softeners can make a major change in many aspects of home life. Next, we take a […]

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Technology for Healthy and Happy Kids

We are surrounded by rapid advances in technology, and often we take it for granted, especially when it has positive qualities regarding our children. On this episode of Designing Spaces’ Kid Spaces, we take a look at three different technologies that have an effect on our families and our kids. Our first topic delves into […]

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Exploring Options in Ceramic Braces Technology

Ann Bruck RDH, Global Professional Services Manager at 3M Unitek, talks about the advances in orthodontic braces technology. The metal-mouth days with bulky headgear are over. With Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Braces, you have smaller and more comfortable braces that blend in with the color of your teeth. Also, new technology has made applying braces quicker […]

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