Pool Care 101: What You Need to Know About Pool Algae

Today, we’ve got expert tips and tricks to keep your pool algae free.

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Home Improvement Tips: Window Upgrades & Outdoor Oasis

Discover more about window upgrades for today’s homeowner. Plus, pool tips and long-lasting furniture for your outdoor oasis.

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Buying and Protecting Your Home

On this episode, we learn about living the condo lifestyle. We talk with Citibank about mortgage options for people looking to make the move to a condominium. Next, we meet with Wayne Water Systems to discover how sump pumps can help protect your home from flooding damage. WordLock shows us how to use their easy-to-remember […]

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Fight Algae And Enjoy Clear Pool Water

A green swimming pool is caused by green algae, the most common type of algae to plague pool owners. Other pool problems are mustard algae—it looks like yellowish or brownish slime on the sides and bottom. A little rarer is black algae, which is the toughest to eliminate. They will coat the wall, and require scrubbing with […]

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