Creativity, Credit & Car Theft

Learn about creating a homeschool environment for your kids; innovative protection against car theft; and ways to rebuild your credit score.

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There Is Hope: Valerie’s Story

Bouncing back from bad credit is possible — there is hope. Meet Valerie, who, with the help of PREMIER Bankcard, got a second chance to redirect her financial well-being and is now thriving in her new phase of life.

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High Efficiency Air Conditioning Systems to Lower Utility Bills

High-efficiency air conditioning systems can lower your current utility bills dramatically. Sure, they may require a greater up-front investment, but you get savings every month for years and years. And your home will be more comfortable all year long, too.

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Green Solutions for Utility Bills and Energy Efficiency

Designing Spaces’ Think Green shows how to reduce monthly utility bills, become more energy efficient, and enjoy an ideal and gasoline-free mode of transportation around the neighborhood. One of the largest expenses facing homeowners each month is the monthly utility bills. Goodman Manufacturing demonstrates ways to take control of these costs and help keep your […]

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