Upping Your Home’s Value

Stay tuned for tips on maintaining a safe, clean, and clear pool. Plus, an easy way to clean your home’s appliances and why a metal roofing system will give you peace of mind.

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A Garage Makeover by GarageExperts®

Homeowners in Satellite Beach, Florida, join us on Designing Spaces to show off their newly renovated garage! The GarageExperts® takes us through the remarkable transformation of a garage space.

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Maintenance for Your Home & Car

Stay tuned to learn how a home warranty can save the day. Plus, tips on transforming your garage, high-tech window films, motor oil maintenance, and more.

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A Homeowner’s Guide To Kitchen & Bath Surfaces

Most people are not countertop experts, so we don’t know what materials work best, and where. But one thing is for sure, homeowners want countertops in their homes that are durable, customized, and most importantly, beautiful! Since 1991, Alps Craftsman has been creating custom countertops for homeowners all over NY, NJ, and PA. Their professional […]

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