designing spaces of hope

Designing Spaces of Hope: Our Favorite Moments From Liam’s Episode

In a heartwarming episode of Designing Spaces, we were introduced to Liam, a remarkable young boy who faces the challenges of living with Allan-Herndon-Dudley syndrome (AHDS). This is a rare genetic disorder that affects brain development and function. Alongside Liam is his dedicated mother, Nicole Bolufe, whose unwavering support and determination have helped him navigate […]

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Liam’s Story: How Designing Spaces of Hope is Changing Lives One Home at a Time

Designing Spaces is a popular home renovation show that is known for its generosity in helping families in need.

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Spaces of Hope: Colorado Outward Bound School

For this special edition of Designing Spaces’ “Spaces of Hope,” we’re rebuilding the kitchen at the Colorado Outward Bound School. Scenic Leadville, Colorado is in the heart of the Rocky Mountains at over 10 thousand feet. It is here at this branch of the Colorado Outward Bound School, the Leadville Basecamp, that a special class […]

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