Expert Advice for Expert Home Life

Sometimes homeowners are ready to take big steps forward, entrusting the expertise of others to see their desires become a reality. It can be something as simple as basic auto care, or as big as a major remodeling project or DIY project. On this episode of Designing Spaces, we see how others can provide us with […]

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Taking Your Living Spaces to the Next Level

We all enjoy upgrades to our living spaces, so Designing Spaces decided to look at three very different approaches to taking a living space to the next level. Our first topic looks at home remodeling, ranging from DIY to major professional overhauls. One thing they all share in common is the desire of the homeowner […]

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Remodeling Your Home at Bargain Prices with DirectBuy

Remodeling a home can be a big undertaking. One solution to keeping costs down and quality up is to obtain a membership to a club that offers a wide selection of brands name products at reduced prices. A DirectBuy membership offers a number of advantages, such as allowing homeowners to complete projects at their own […]

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