Tiny Kitchen, Big Solutions

Finding places to put all your food and cookware can be difficult when faced with the dimensions of a small kitchen. Professional organizer Tatiana Knight shares tips on how to impressively create instant space and visible storage with Trinity’s 4-tiered wire shelving and glass canisters. Trinity’s shelving brilliantly turns a lack of space issue into […]

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DIY: How to Regrout Your Floors

There’s a misconception among many homeowners that regrouting their tile floors is a difficult task, but it’s actually easier than ever before. With some simple tools and the right products such as STAINMASTER™ Grout, anyone can complete the project. In fact, STAINMASTER™ has a line of grout products that is designed to be stain resistant, […]

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Flooring Tips, Organizing Your Kitchen, Stylish Framing

In this episode of Designing Spaces, we review great options to help you and your family. We’ve got everything, from ways to protect your furniture, touch-up flooring and organizing your kitchen to loan options and how you can protect and frame your favorite images.

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New Year, New Resolutions — Keep, Crate Donate

Is the spare closet a jumbled mess where you jam stuff in and shut the door? Professional organizer Tatiana Knight, is here to present her Keep, Crate, Donate technique that promises to turn that tangled mass into perfect order. The best way to stay organized? Products from storage and organization company Trinity International — The […]

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