Gun Education & Training for the Modern Family

Sig Sauer firearm expert Hana Bilodeau joins the Lapointe family on an exciting journey towards becoming first-time gun owners.

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Home Invasion: Defensive Measures and Responsible Gun Ownership

Today on Designing Spaces, stay tuned for a half-hour special on home invasions, defensive measures, and responsible gun ownership with Sig Sauer.

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Protect Your Property with WordLock Products

Officer Jeffrey Davis shows us how to secure valuables with WordLock combination locks. Remembering difficult number combinations can be difficult, but remembering a word is easier. New locks that allow you to set your own word allow you to secure your items and easily gain access to them when you want to. These are great […]

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Firearm Safety for the Holiday Season with Kel-Tec Industries

With the holidays come all kinds of activities, and we should be aware of safety issues. Electrical cords, decorations, family and visitors in and out of the house do require taking steps to prevent potential fires, injuries, or home security problems. But what if there are firearms in the home? Taking extra measures to make […]

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