Innovations in Home Office and Gaming Furniture for Today’s Homeowners

There are two spaces that have become some of the most important areas inside homes across America: home offices and gaming rooms. We’ll show how to find commercial-grade, comfortable, and affordable home office and gaming furniture.

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Expert Advice for Your Home Life

Up next, we're covering home office and gaming furniture, plus pet nutrition, the mortgage process, and car protection.

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Milo Wifi Keeps You Connected with Speedy, Reliable Coverage

A family tries Milo Wifi, an affordable system designed to work well in crowded environments.

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Transforming Kids’ Spaces to Fit Their Lifestyles

When summer and vacations come to an end, it’s back-to-school time. For many of us, it’s also renovation time! Designing Spaces is here to provide solutions for improvement conundrums. Teenager Charlie’s room has seen better days: the flooring needed some serious help as did his furniture! With guidance from Mom and a few experts, we […]

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