greenworks tools

Modern Solutions to Beautify Your Landscape

It’s a trend that’s quietly sweeping the nation with substantial reason: Low-impact landscaping is changing the way America is caring for their yards. Greenworks products from Sunrise Global are making it fun and easy. They have a large variety of lawn care products to choose from — and their 60V Zero Turn Mower is leading […]

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Sustainable Home Maintenance Solutions

Stay tuned as we explore a company that's helping homeowners keep up with their property by using sustainable innovations.

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Green Lawn Care Tools for a Greener Lifestyle

Matt and Kelly have decided to do their own green lawn care, but find themselves in need of new tools – Shain Brady with GreenWorks arrives at their home with a complete system of power tools for quality landscape care. Starting with the energy efficient twin 10 inch blade mower, Kelly finds the lightweight mower […]

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