DIY: How to Regrout Your Floors

There’s a misconception among many homeowners that regrouting their tile floors is a difficult task, but it’s actually easier than ever before. With some simple tools and the right products such as STAINMASTER™ Grout, anyone can complete the project. In fact, STAINMASTER™ has a line of grout products that is designed to be stain resistant, […]

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New Looks for You, Your Home, and Your Care

We know how important it is to have a fresh, unique look for your own personal style, but have you thought about doing this for your home and vehicle? Learn how you can keep yourself and your home looking beautiful.

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DIY Tips from The Tile Shop: Thin Set and Trowels

Join Cabell “Cabby” Lolmaugh, an expert from The Tile Shop, as he goes over the do’s and don’ts for your DIY tile project. Thin set mortar and trowels are essential when you’re laying tile. It’s a good idea to know the differences and how to use each, because this is part of getting the result […]

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