Haier America

Protecting and Beautifying Your Home

On this episode, get information about fantastic products that will beautify and protect your home. Experts from The Tile Shop share tips and techniques on everything you’ll need to know for tile work, from bath areas to kitchen flooring! Seek Thermal joins Designing Spaces to demonstrate how thermal imaging cameras can help homeowners detect repairs for […]

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Control Temperatures with a Ductless Mini-Split

Sometimes home renovations and upgrades result in added rooms or converted spaces that are beyond reach for a central HVAC system. The best way to bring cool or heated air to these spaces, as well as for an older home that cannot retrofit an HVAC system, is the ductless mini-split system. Ductless mini-split systems consist […]

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The Lunt Family Finale on Designing Spaces’ Military Makeover

Join R. Lee Ermey and an outfit of good folks from around the country as they finish one more military makeover and change the lives of the Lunt family. Stephen Lunt had been deployed to Afghanistan, where he was attacked and hit in the head by an insurgent. After a long recuperation, he’s now married […]

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Haier America Provides LED HD Television to Military Makeover Family

Joining correspondent Art Edmonds is Bruce Fairchild, vice president of product marketing for Haier America. With 25 years experience in the television manufacturing industry, he supplies a new LED HD television screen from Haier America to a Military Makeover family. Keep in mind: There are a few things to consider when selecting screen size including […]

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