Maintenance Efficiency Solutions: HVAC At Its Finest

The technology surrounding residential air conditioning efficiency and installation has changed a lot in recent years. And it’s important to keep up by hiring technicians that really know what they’re doing before they arrive at your house. All of the air conditioning technicians at Freedom Air Conditioning are formally educated, not trained while working on […]

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Credit Solutions For Help With Your HVAC, Hot Water Heater, And Other Home Essentials

Even good, honest people can find themselves faced with a credit problem. But the experts at Okinus Credit Solutions feel that a good customer is defined by more than just a number. Everyone should be able to get the home essentials they need and “lease to own” can be your best option. Here’s how it […]

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Tools and Tips for Clean, Cool & Energy Efficient Homes

Up next on Designing Spaces, we're asking experts for advice on keeping your home clean, cool, energy efficient, and running smoothly.

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Innovations in HVAC Systems for Today’s Homeowners

New innovations have helped develop energy-efficient, convenient, and quieter HVAC units like the Mini-Split System by Fujitsu General.

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