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Thinking Green Can Save You Green

On this edition of Think Green, we focus on the money side of living greener. The environment is always at the forefront, but green technology is contributing to living more economical lifestyles. First, we address an American dream, from home ownership and acquiring a first house, to how mortgage insurance could be a key component […]

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Buying Your First Home with Mortgage Insurance

Meet Vanessa and Mark. Like many Americans, the couple is living in an apartment building, and waiting for their chance to move out and into a home. With a growing family, they work hard to build up their worth, looking forward to the day they have saved enough to make a down payment on their […]

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Living the Life You Love to Live

Being happy in your space is what Designing Spaces is all about, and today we take on three topics on making your living spaces the way you want it. First, we look at the ultimate in home entertainment technology by visiting a leader in luxury consumer electronics at their Manhattan showroom, and see the pinnacle […]

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Understanding Mortgage Insurance

Understanding Mortgage Insurance One couple interested in buying their first home meet Teresa Bryce Bazemore, President of Radian Guaranty, a provider of private mortgage insurance. Teresa is just the person to answer questions regarding their first home mortgage. After defining mortgage insurance, Teresa explains the difference between the Federal Housing Administration insuring a loan compared […]

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