Morton System Saver II Water Softening Salt

Creating a Comfortable Home

On this episode of Designing Spaces, we look at three aspects of creating a comfortable home. First, we explore the benefits of water softeners and discuss some myths about them. Then, we take on style and comfort by visiting a furniture retailer that has quality product and low prices.  Finally, we look at another way […]

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Exploring Myths About Water Softeners

You may have heard conflicting stories about water softeners, but aren’t sure exactly what to believe. Truth be told, using a water softener where water enters the home is a viable and cost effective solution to eliminating hard water issues. Emily Arthurs from Morton Salt® sat down with Designing Spaces to shatter eight misconceptions about […]

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Morton System Saver Talks Keeping Hard Water Away on Designing Spaces™ on Lifetime

In the segment, “Optimizing the Quality of Your Water”, Emily Arthur from Morton Salt, Inc. offers solutions on how to eliminate harsh effects of hard water from the home in this “Pride in DIY” episode – (Pompano Beach, FL – PR LOG –June 4, 2014) Hard water can have an effect on the household, from […]

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Morton Water Softener

Morton® System Saver® II Water Softening Salt – Anyone living in a home with hard water knows the effects—mineral deposits on shower stalls, sinks and around faucets, using large amounts of detergent for laundry, and white deposits on glassware and plates. The remedy: Morton water softener. Many homes are using water softeners, but are they properly […]

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