National Apartment Association

Life Choices for Better Living

Today’s show is themed on common needs and wants when it comes to living spaces. Our first topic prepares us for backyard aquatic fun as we learn how keeping our pools healthy and sparkling is an easy DIY activity. Next, we shift to new apartment communities available to military families. These military housing complexes offer amenities […]

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Housing For Our Military

When it comes to housing our military and their families, whether on base or off, there are a variety of options, thanks to the privatization of military bases. Military families have a far better standard of living than any other military force in history. On this segment of Designing Spaces, meet renters living in Lincoln Military […]

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Taking Your Living Spaces to the Next Level

We all enjoy upgrades to our living spaces, so Designing Spaces decided to look at three very different approaches to taking a living space to the next level. Our first topic looks at home remodeling, ranging from DIY to major professional overhauls. One thing they all share in common is the desire of the homeowner […]

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The Benefits of Renting for the College Crowd

Student housing is in demand as many college students are opting to live in an apartment rather than a dorm room. Depending on the school and surrounding area, sharing rent with several roommates and doing your own cooking can cost less than room and board in a residence hall. Doug Culkin from the National Apartment […]

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