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Solving Brake Problems — with Pep Boys

Pep Boys is back with another valuable car care tip, helping you stay aware of the warning signs that are typical of a failing brake system.

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Keeping Your Ride Cool — with Pep Boys

Pep Boys is back with another valuable car care tip! Maintaining your vehicle’s cooling system is essential to prolonging the life and efficiency of your engine. The coolant system dissipates engine heat into the ambient air in order to prevent overheating and to keep your vehicle running safely. Pep Boys’ coolant chemical flush and exchange […]

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Pep Boys Tip: Wash and Wax Your Vehicle Regularly

Pep Boys’ Greg Russ is back with tips on how to maintain your car’s exterior. To keep your car looking spotless, you should wash your car from top to bottom – Pep Boys has quality concentrated cleaners to make the job easy. Giving your vehicle a thorough waxing is the topper that will keep it […]

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The Keys to Keeping Your Tires in Great Shape

Pep Boys expert Greg Russ offers tips on keeping your tires in great shape. Learn about the Lincon’s head penny test, recognize when your alignment is out of alignment, find out what those dashboard lights really mean, and check your tire pressure regularly.

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