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Spaces of Hope: Helping a Woman in Need

Maureen suffered brain injuries in a car accident at age 19. With the aid of Ability Beyond, she has strived to rebuild her life and achieve independence. Maureen’s humble kitchen will be transformed into the environment she needs for continued healing and growth. Teaming up with The Tile Shop, a high-quality tile products retailer, Ability […]

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Caulking Help, Power Tool Innovation, and Mortgage Loans

Ready to improve your home? On this episode we’ve got great advice for homeowners everywhere! From DIY caulking and new handy power tools, to learning about the mortgage process and boosting your internet connectivity, our experts have solutions. Is your caulking looking sad and dingy? Hassle-free ways to fix it yourself are here. It’ll look […]

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Measure Twice, Cut Once with BOSCH Digital Tape Measure

Art Edmonds checks out the new BOSCH GLM 15 Laser Measure, a replacement for a tape measure that can be used in many different DIY and home improvement applications. Brian Vranek from Robert Bosch Tool Company explains how Bosch is always innovating, and the laser measure is one of their latest. This “digital tape measure” […]

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