Buying, Selling, Leasing & Remodeling in Chicago

A one-stop-shop for all of your real estate needs, The O'Dwyer Group does everything from apartment rental to buying, selling, investment management, and remodeling.

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Real Estate and Renovations

Today's Designing Spaces Local show offers real estate tips, HVAC, security solutions, roofing, and more!

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Emerging Trends in Business

We’re in Chicago to learn about high-quality, professional security services, buying, selling, and renovating, plus so much more! Since 2005, Advanced Security Solutions is one of the fastest growing privately owned security companies in the Midwest. Carlyn Ray and her design group share the beauty of glassblowing through custom home décor. Compass Heating and Air […]

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Real Estate 411: Lending, Buying & Selling Dallas

Purchasing a home is a complex process and engaging the help of experienced real estate and lending professionals can not only save you time and money but also help you avoid common mistakes made by less knowledgeable and inexperienced industry workers. Meet the experts, Niki Hatzenbuehler from The Moats Team Levian Texas at Keller Williams […]

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