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Thriving at Home and in Business

Learn more about support for small businesses, home flipping, and remote workforces. Plus, how to keep your pool pristine all year long.

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Tools to Help Your Business Grow

Heather Morris, a busy mom and real estate agent, started flipping houses a few years ago. Since then, she's partnered with Insula Capital Group for funding.

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Creating a Comfortable Home

On this episode of Designing Spaces, we look at three aspects of creating a comfortable home. First, we explore the benefits of water softeners and discuss some myths about them. Then, we take on style and comfort by visiting a furniture retailer that has quality product and low prices. ¬†Finally, we look at another way […]

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Making a Rental Feel Like Home

Designing Spaces visits a community in Atlanta, Georgia where rental homes are part of the neighborhood, and families are enjoying the benefits of single family home life without the headaches of home ownership. Laurie A. Hawkes, President and CEO of American Residential Properties, Inc. and Ruthanne Hanlon, National Color and Design Consultant of PPG Paints, […]

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