L’image Home Products Introduces the Smart Night Light

The Sunbeam LED Power Failure Night Light from L’Image Home Products is motion-activated and will automatically light up when you enter a room or get out of bed. Additionally, it will produce light even when the power goes out and uses LED lighting which is more cost effective than incandescent night lights. With its auto […]

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Learn About High Performance Subfloors

A subfloor that is badly worn, damaged, or uneven can be a major expense to deal with when embarking on a major renovation. HPS Schönox has a full line of repair products, floor leveling compounds, waterproofing materials, adhesives, and more. With them, your contractor will take a heavily damaged subfloor, quickly and easily, to a […]

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EcoZenith Provides an Alternative to Plastic

Debi Marie speaks to Steven Kim, vice president and CFO of EcoZenith USA, about a new alternative to conventional plastic. Steven begins by explaining the current environmental issues surrounding conventional plastic such as ocean pollution, the emissions of dioxins during manufacturing and incineration, and plastic’s 1,000 year decomposition rate. However, EcoZenith USA has created an […]

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