transforming interiors

Keefe Family Military Makeover – Episode 4

There are families across this country that look just like any other in America, but there is something different. In each case, there is a loved one who has made the commitment to defend the United States of America. Join R. Lee Ermey and a battalion of good folks from around the country in a […]

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Home Makeover with Croscill Home

One can make dramatic changes to a room by maximizing the use of space, color, creating a focal point, and improving the lighting for aesthetic and functional purposes. David Cipperman, creative director from Croscill, returns to episode four to show what items and décor he brought into the bedroom, bathroom, and living room spaces–from rugs, […]

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Transforming a Room on a Budget

To bring that personalized touch of design to the Keefe home, Military Makeover brought in David Cipperman, creative director at Croscill Home, a long-established name in traditional bedding and fashion bath collections. After surveying the home, David explains to Art, “We are going into the areas that are our specialty–the master bedroom, the bathroom, and […]

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