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Lifestyle Every Homeowner Faces : Mortgages, Taxes and DIY for Homeowners

In this installment of Designing Spaces we delve into aspects of lifestyle every homeowner faces. The first topic is as inevitable as your next breath: taxes! We look at how you can now DIY your income taxes without confusion or fear. Then we look at the first hurdle of every homeowner: your first mortgage. We get […]

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Ways to Enhance Your Life

Designing Spaces is always in search of new ways to make your life more enriched. Tune in to this episode, where the show starts with a look at the new trend in single family rental homes, spotlighting advantages for families on the move. Next, we visit a home to see how a home security system […]

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DIY Tax Solutions from the Pros at Turbo Tax

Joining Debi Marie is Lisa Greene-Lewis, a certified public accountant and blog editor at TurboTax®. Lisa explains to Debi how most people are intimidated by income taxes and are afraid to do their own taxes. However, with software like TurboTax®, the process is made accurate and risk-free, and can even save you money. So, where […]

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