Mounting a Large Screen TV with OmniMount

A versatile wall mount for large screen TVs

Designing Spaces

Mounting a large screen TV to the wall has many advantages, and joining Art is Brandon Stangl from OmniMount, presenting the Keefe home with a wall mount that adds style and convenience. Brandon explains, “We chose a mount that has movement, so the TV can be positioned this way and that, but we also wanted something with an extremely low profile. This mount has a high-end finish, so there’s no compromising on style, safety or functionality. This is a unique in-wall mounting system. It comes fully assembled out of the box with an easy four-step installation process to mount your TV and conceal all cables within your wall.” To further add to convenience, added the OmniMount Case and Stand for iPad in the kitchen, making it easy to look at an iPad while preparing a meal.

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