Top 3 reasons to add Majestic Encore Azaleas to your outdoor space


No wonder Encore Azaleas are known as one of the world’s best-selling multi-season blooming azaleas… They are easy-to-care for, grow and maintain in most regions and seasons – spring, summer and fall. With more than 30 different varieties to choose from unlike other azaleas, they offer plenty of options for every kind of gardener. Be sure to watch this episode of Designing Spaces with Horticulture Expert, Kip McConnell as he explains the reasons why you should add gorgeous Encore Azaleas to your home or business property…


Go Green! Organize your gardening gadgets and more


Professional organizer Tatiana, gets you ready to leap into spring and the joy of gardening. Time to easily and effectively organize and sort your tools, seeds and supplies…Let’s get planting… and planning!!! Tatiana affirms that spring has sprung – making it high time to get your tools and materials organized and ready for gardening!


Designing Spaces: flooring, outdoor spaces & products for home and your family


Whether you’re creating a new outdoor oasis, looking at new tile and flooring ideas, tips on your hvac to what kind of generator is best as you prepare for a power outage or ways to better organize your home and family-In this episode we review some best options for you and your family! We show you a quieter, easy to control generator, tips to maintain your hvac, financial options and how to organize easy and efficiently. And we share ideas on how to make your outdoor space comfortable and relaxing!


Mortgage Tips You Should Know: 203K Renovation Loans


Affinity Mortgage address common roadblocks and questions that may impair or confuse a potential home buyer; someone who may be considering acquiring their dream home, refinancing, thinking about a loan for home improvements, or possibly a reverse mortgage. In this installment of Mortgage Tips you Should Know; “203K Renovation Loans”, our team of mortgage experts provide the homeowner with the knowledge to set them on course to securing a renovation loan to maintain and upgrade a property. Renovations can be expensive, so knowing the process to secure a loan can be helpful, as well as knowing how loan proceeds are


Hammocks and gravity-free chairs


The single family home. It’s the symbol of the American dream. Beautiful…comfortable…functional. On the inside each room as its purpose. And outside the backyard has its primary purpose: recreation and relaxation. Creating an outdoor oasis and finding our bliss is as easy as adding a few key pieces to turn your backyard from ordinary to extraordinary. Bliss hammocks provide the ultimate form of relaxation. They are also a unique novelty that can be a fun addition to any outdoor living space. Hammocks and gravity free chairs that serve as permanent fixtures in home decorating, and act more like furniture. On


STAINMASTER® helps you make home comfortable for your family, not your allergens


Do you suffer from or care for someone with airborne allergies? Well, there’s good news. Today, there is a new carpet designed with you in mind. STAINMASTER® – the innovative leader in floor covering options for more than 30 years, has developed the first carpet designed to help you fight dust and allergens. It’s called STAINMASTER® LiveWell™ Carpet and Cushion System. Made with kid and pet safe AllerShield™ technology –every pass of the vacuum can be up to 90% more effective* in reducing allergen particles. Thanks to this new type of carpeting, allergy sufferers can be one step closer to


Local Lenders for All Your Mortgage Needs


American consumers are choosing their local bank or credit union to purchase a mortgage. Community lenders are making the mortgage process easier, faster, and better for consumers. Going local is the smart choice for those who qualify for a new home purchase or refinancing an existing loan.