If you haven’t seen Marie Kondo’s Netflix special yet, you probably are surrounded by clutter and don’t even know it. Here at Designing Spaces, we won’t claim to know what brings you joy or not, but we can offer some tips and tricks on how to reorganize your closet without thinning it out.

1. Layered Hangers
Layered hangers have multiple racks or clips so you can hang up 6 or 7 items on one hanger. They’re great for thinning out space in your closet because you’ll be organizing things vertically rather than horizontally.

2. Color Coding

Color coding is one of the simplest ways to organize your closet. Some people like to group their clothing in the order of the rainbow and others do it by the colors they wear the most often. It’s really your preference.

3. Sleeve Length

Grouping clothing by sleeve length is an easy way to keep like items together. All you tank tops are in one section, collared shirts in another, and sweatshirts and long sleeves in a third.

4. Level of Formality

Keeping items of the same level of formality is a good way to stay organized. Keep your fancy dresses separate from your day dresses.

4. Seasonal

Group your clothing by season. Summer clothes stay with together; spring clothes stay together, etc. When seasons change, rotate the clothes. In the summer, put your winter clothes in the back of your closet.

5. Shoe Rack

Shoes can be the messiest section in a closet because it’s easy to just throw them off when you get home from a long day. To make sure your pile of shoes does not overgrow your closet, put a shoe rack on the floor of your closet. Shoe racks generally have multiple shelves, so you can stack shoes vertically instead of taking up floor space. Another option is a hanging shoe rack. They can be hung up in your closet just like clothing hangers or on the back of a door.

6. Felt Hangers

Felt hangers save lives. Replace your plastic hangers with felt hangers to avoid your clothes slipping off. Felt hangers create enough traction to keep the clothes from moving around.

Hopefully these tips have helped you find a way to keep your closet organized without having to get rid anything!