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Smartly Connected: Control Your Home Security Remotely

ADT is back for another valuable security tip regarding its innovative Pulse system. Thanks to the power of ADT Pulse, the days of leaving a key under the mat or having to reveal your alarm code to allow people to enter your home are over. The smart technology of ADT Pulse allows you to arm […]

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SmartlyConnected: ADT Performs Smart Home Makeover

Everyone deserves the right to feel safe in their own home, and ADT is always there to ensure peace of mind with its smart home protection. Meet South Florida family the Whitakers as they undertake their very own SmartlyConnected Home Makeover. Security expert Natali Morris and ADT representatives reveal the many features the company offers […]

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Smartly Connected: ADT Pulse Offers Innovative Security

ADT is here to offer tips on how you can feel safer than ever, thanks to its innovative home security technology. When you set up ADT Pulse wireless cameras, you can automatically receive a video clip or snapshot via email or text to notify you when someone — or something — important has arrived. And […]

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Aging In Place Makeover: ADT Necklace Provides Home Safety for Seniors

After a near-fatal fall, life has changed for 79-year-old Marianne and her 82-year-old husband. Now John, who is an avid golfer, spends almost all his with Marianne. He can’t imagine leaving her side while she recovers from the accident. Watch as ADT Health introduces their alert necklace and how it can help John and Marianne […]

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