Peace of Mind for Parents, Innovations in Connectivity for Today’s Kids

As parents, our most precious possession is our children. Protecting and safeguarding our kids is a top priority. Here on Kid Spaces, we are always on the hunt for new ways to make our families safer. Now, there is a device that gives parents of young children the assurance of safety and immediate communications they need to stay in touch with their kids when they are not with them. Sprint WeGo™ is an affordable first phone for kids, which features easy-to-use technology. With just one button and a friendly, intuitive screen, it’s easy for kids to operate, and the parental controls and extensive tracking functionality are easy for parents to set up and use. Whether for back-to-school, the holidays, or a birthday, anytime is the perfect time to teach kids how to be a little more responsible by giving them a phone to call their own. Sprint WeGo™ bridges the gap between no phone and a smart phone.

Away We Go to School

We all know that Smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday life.

Children want to get in on the action of course and many parents are unsure when the right time is to give their child a mobile phone. On the one hand, you would feel safer knowing you could get in touch with your child at any time and vice versa, yet on the other hand you know having a smartphone filled with apps, games, access to the Internet and more is far too distracting for a young child who needs to stay focused on school. So what does a parent do?

This year, give your kids a mobile phone to call their own and enjoy a secure, trusted way to stay in touch during the busy week.

Sprint has come up with the perfect solution with their new Sprint WeGo™ mobile phone and service. The Sprint WeGo is a mobile phone designed specifically with children under 12 years of age in mind and gives parents the control. Learn more at a Sprint store or

Sprint WeGo has everything on your back-to-school checklist:


  • Authorize up to 20 people whom your child can contact or receive calls and texts from
  • No games or Internet access so kids stay focused during school hours


  • Use the tracking function to locate the phone and make sure your child’s in the right place after school
  • Panic alarm and 911 Quick Dial for emergencies
  • Low-battery alert


  • Shatterproof from up to 12 feet
  • Water-resistant up to one meter for 30 minutes


  • Set phone to silence mode during school hours.

Being able to communicate with your child as well as know where they are at any given time gives parents incredible peace of mind. For example, say your child has soccer practice and you are running late to pick them up, not a problem. A quick call or text message will let them know. What if your child wants to call grandma to say hi but you need your phone for an important call? Not a problem, they have their own phone, complete with 1,000 minutes so they can call grandma on their own.

Having a phone of their very own even helps teach children the importance of taking care of something valuable, and opens up a dialogue about safety in situations when your child may be alone.

Visit to learn more about the Sprint WeGo and how it can help your peace of mind before your child starts a new year of school. Stay connected with your child at all times, thanks to Sprint, and a REAL mobile phone!

**The WeGo is only available as an add-on line to an existing Sprint account and cannot be purchased as a stand-alone

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