GREAT STUFF™ Pond & Stone Filler, Sealer and Adhesive is specifically designed to help quickly and easily build beautiful water features.

By expanding to fill gaps and cracks, the polyurethane foam helps direct water to flow over the rocks in a waterfall, rather than under and in between. The new SMART DISPENSER™ makes using GREAT STUFF™ Pond & Stone a cinch. Plus, the foam’s black color means it’s easily hidden among the rocks and shadows.

GREAT STUFF™ Pond & Stone can help improve aesthetics of water features, creating stunning landscapes. It can also be used to set and secure the cap stones in retaining walls.

A quicker and less expensive option, GREAT STUFF™ Pond & Stone is designed to bond porous and non-porous rocks or stones. It’s an excellent choice for water features, from fountains to koi ponds, because it’s safe for ornamental fish and plants.