On this Local Edition of Designing Spaces, expert advice on all aspects of home improvement, from construction to décor and interior design.

See the latest in custom wall art and other fine decorative items made right here in the USA. Courtside Market has everything you need.

Did you know that creating buildings that are more sustainable, energy-efficient, and accessible can positively impact operational costs, the environment, and your health and comfort? The experts at Steven Winter Associates show us how it works and what you might want to look for in your next project.

When your home is ready for a new look you’d probably love to work with an interior designer, right? But, you don’t think it’s affordable. Susan Corvo Redesign has a unique way of creating beautiful homes on any budget.

Let’s face it, power outages can interfere with everyday life. Losing power means more than going without lights. Thankfully, home generators can save the day. Cannondale Generators show us what you need to know.

Studies show that people who get 7 hours of sleep are less likely to get sick than those who don’t. Do you know what that means? Having the right mattress is important. The Shovlin Mattress Factory can custom build exactly what you need for less than you might think.

Beautiful landscaping not only increases your home’s value, but it can also increase the quality time you spend with your friends and family, and give you your own private outdoor oasis. We take a look at Magic Landscaping’s unique ideas.