Today on Designing Spaces, we’re in Atlanta seeking out the best expert advice when it comes to home maintenance and design inspiration.

Michaelangelo’s provides sustainable landscaping solutions and expert advice on how you can create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

For over 30 years, Dr. Roof has helped thousands of homeowners with roof and home repairs in the Atlanta area. Using their doctors’ approach, Dr. Roof “diagnoses” and “cures” all roofing problems with the highest quality materials.

It’s important to keep your family cozy warm in the winters, and comfortably cool in the summers, and that’s why you need the best HVAC company in town—Shumate.

Find out how Breda Pest Management is helping people control their pest population.

Delos custom rugs have graced the floors of casual and luxury interiors across the USA since 2005. Family-owned and headquartered in the South, Delos collaborates with discerning designers to put creative excellence in your home, as well as your home away from home.