In this episode of Designing Spaces: Back to College, we take a look at ways to keep expenses lower for students in college. College is expensive, and many students will struggle to keep some necessary things within the family budget. First, we go to Cort Furniture Rental with Katherine and discover the benefits of renting versus buying. Cort offers the convenience of online shopping and delivery and pickup.  Then, we talk to Susie Taylor and find a solution for one dad who is trying to manage his daughter’s wireless spending. Net10 is their answer.  Also, we discover how something as simple as one word can keep your valuable protected. WordLocks are easier to use than numeric combination locks because you are less likely to forget the combination.  Choose your word and set it. Finally, U-Haul has the perfect program to help you make the move. Their CollegeBoxes program will help get you packed up, and moved out, and they offer storage in the summer!