Having a complete set of tools is just what the motivated DIYer needs, but what about detection? How do you know where there may be an electrical problem in a wall, or where your HVAC system has a leak? Thermal imaging cameras, which are used by professionals, can put you on the right track. People think thermal imaging is something for the military, police, and high-end contractors, and some military thermal imaging gear can cost up to $50,000 dollars. Innovations and advancements in infrared sensing technologies have made these cameras affordable and accessible to the average homeowner today. The Seek Compact is a small, lightweight camera that plugs directly into your iOS or Android device and uses a free app to turn it into a powerful thermal imager. The Seek Compact is also useful for camping, night applications, and other uses. Homeowners now have a versatile tool that opens up a whole new world of detection for a safe and efficient home.