U-Haul Do It Yourself Moving and Storage Solutions

With a major remodeling project ready to start in a couple of days, Melanie is looking for a storage solution that will save her time and money, by taking on some of the work herself. Designing Spaces reached out to our friends at U-Haul, who brought in Sperry Hutchinson, spokesperson, U-Haul International, Inc., to empower Melanie with the tools that enable her to DIY her “move”. Including a complete line of packing supplies, U-Haul provided storage units called U-Boxes. U-Box pods make moving and storage more convenient with less worry through various delivery and pick-up solutions which allows you all the time you need to load and unload. The U-Box can stay on the premises, or they can be picked up and delivered to another location, including U-Haul storage facilities.  Sperry gives Melanie helpful advice and tips on packing for a move, and how to obtain Moving Helpers®, to provide any extra muscle needed for the move. U-Haul provides the options for a complete do-it-yourself moving scenario.

Storage Help with U-Box from U-Haul

Did you know you could store the contents of your kitchen right in your own driveway?

When you need to move things on your own, chances are you think of U-Haul, the most trusted name in self-move solutions and truck rentals. U-Haul has been providing trucks and vans, boxes and packing supplies, moving and storage solutions for many years but what about storing things at your own home?

One of the most common areas in the home for remodel is the kitchen, and in order to remodel, you generally need to move everything out of the area before crews can come in to begin work. Deciding where to put everything can be a hassle, but with U-Haul Moving Helpers and a U-Box Pod you can store the contents of your entire kitchen (for example) in your very own driveway!

  • A visit to your local U-Haul location can supply you with everything you need to pack, move and store the contents of any room in your house into a safe and secure mobile storage unit that can sit right outside your back door while you are going through the remodel process.
  • A U-Box Pod is a convenient temporary home storage solution for all you do-it-yourself types. Pack your belongings using the supplies and any of the over 50 unique boxes available at U-Haul, for everything from artwork to dishes. Use a handcart, also available at your local U-Haul, to move all the furniture and boxes into a U-Box Pod in your own driveway.
  • If you find yourself needing help with the moving, U-Haul has you covered there as well! Hire some U-Haul Moving Helpers and you can be finished in a flash. It’s very easy to schedule Moving Helpers. Go to the U-Haul website www.Uhaul.com/movinghelp and simply fill in the location, date and start time information and get an instant rate quote.

Once you have everything packed and secured in a U-Haul Box Pod or two, your demolition crew and remodeling workers can walk in and get straight to work, and you have the peace of mind that your belongings and valuables are safe and secure and away from potential damage. When your new room is complete, all you have to do is unpack from your own driveway.

If you don’t have a secure area for the Pods to stay on your property, you can arrange for them to be picked up and stored at your local U-Haul storage facility. Simply arrange for them to be picked up and schedule delivery for when the project is complete.

With U-Haul packing, storing and moving solutions you will be covered every step of the way. Visit www.uhaul.com/movinghelp to learn more and book a pod today!

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