Explore what rental communities have to offer. Rental communities are on the rise around the country, offering many desirable elements to attract residents that may not be as readily available to a home owner. These communities often make the most of their surrounding neighborhoods, and residents can enjoy a lifestyle that they might not be able to obtain if they were purchasing a home in a nearby market. Ann Villella, director of operations at Aimco, explains how apartments have evolved. They offer amenities, services, and features not available in an owned home such as spa services, a concierge team, and a resort pool. Americans are discovering that as renters, they are free from many of the time consuming and stressful routines that come with home ownership, such as landscaping, making repairs, or maintaining the exterior. Steve Saylors, general manager The Palazzo Communities, gives a tour of The Palazzo Communities, an example of luxury apartment homes with outstanding customer service, located in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles.