Turn your backyard into a vacation oasis with a Nordic Hot Tub. Designing Spaces shows how these affordable hot tubs are both easy to install and maintain. Every Nordic Hot Tub includes whirlpool therapy so that they don’t only benefit your home and family, but also your health.

Installing solar panels is an excellent way to go green and save money on your electricity bill, too. Designing Spaces goes through the steps on how installing solar panels can help homeowners use less utilities and save more money.

Changing the style of your kitchen doesn’t always require expensive remodeling either. Today’s DIY project is cost-effective and easy to do with the help of Smart Tiles by Quinco & Co. Smart Tiles add the appearance of glass tiles to any room, but at a fraction of the price. Smart Tiles make tiling simple with a patented Gel-O technology that is soft, flexible, lightweight, very durable, and can be installed in just minutes.

Finally, Debbie Marie shows how Trinity International can help you organize your garage.