On this local edition of Designing Spaces, building custom cabins, foundation repair, historical restoration, commercial landscaping, and much more!

We meet the team behind Leland’s Cabins, a unique business that creates custom cabins, tiny homes, and other high-quality physical structures.

We learn about the foundation repair business from G.L. Hunt, a company that has been in business since 1987 and has seen rapid growth in recent years.

We find out more about the business of historical restoration and preservation with one of the metroplex’s most interesting designers, Steel Toe Stiletto.

We take you into the field—literally—as we meet the team at Earthworks, Inc. who provide commercial landscaping all across the Great State of Texas.

Peak Energy Savers was developed to help homeowners and business owners save money while helping save the environment.

San Miguel Ironworks has been beautifying and upgrading homes in the Dallas–Fort Worth area for 15 years.

Carlyn Ray and her design group share the beauty of glassblowing through custom home décor.