The best home and design tips from South Florida, including building from the ground up, and home maintenance tips including roofing, electrical services, pest control, and more.

No matter how many internet tutorial videos you’ve watched, sometimes your DIY dreams can get a little ahead of your skillset and may become dangerous and easy to mess up.

Building your dream home from the ground up can be an intimidating challenge. Today we have tips on how to find your land, design your house, hire a builder and furnish your dream home.

Florida State Roofing and Restoration Services have 3 licensed contractor services to care for all your property needs, commercial or residential.

When looking to get rid of and prevent future critters homeowners turn to pest control, look no further than Hoffer Pest Solutions.

Nothing exemplifies the South Florida lifestyle quite like transforming your backyard with a custom kitchen of your own.

In need of elevating your current door and closet situation? Look no further than South Florida’s own Miami Doors & Closets.

Beautifying and maintaining commercial property lawns is a tough task. So, Nunez Lawn Care & Landscaping has you covered.