Jorge and Eva share a special passion with some friends on the other side of the neighborhood; they are avid cyclists. Like many cyclists, they have an investment in their bikes. Designing Spaces brought in Joey Nichols, an avid cyclist who is also with Transamerica, to meet with Eva and Jorge to talk cycling and what they can do to protect their expensive investment. Most Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover damage or theft of your bike if it happens away from your home. So you’ll be stuck paying for the repairs or replacing your bike if that happens. BigRing Bike Insurance is underwritten by from Stonebridge Casualty Insurance Company, a Transamerica company, and provides the kind of coverage that brings cyclists peace of mind. BigRing was developed to offer cyclists like you the benefits you need; having coverage that could really bail you out if something unfortunate were to happen. Cyclists love their bikes, and now they can have them protected.

Serious Cyclists Need Serious Insurance

If you know what a “roadie” is, have strong opinions about “clip-ins” vs. “clip-less” pedals and never leave home without your “brain bucket”, chances are you are a cyclist and probably a serious one.

It doesn’t matter if you are into the roads, or the mountains, a weekend warrior or a bike commuter, if you love your two-wheeler you take good care of it. Regular maintenance, cleaning, upgrades and more, but do you INSURE you bike? Most people assume that theft of their bicycle is covered by their homeowners insurance, and that may be true, however that is just the tip of the iceberg or “first gear”.

BigRing Bike Insurance, underwritten by Stonebridge Casualty Insurance Company, a Transamerica company knows there is so much more ground to be covered when it comes to insuring your bike.

Bicycles are similar to cars in that there are different price ranges, models and makes; add-ons and accessories, upgrades and gear, the list goes on and just like with cars you have standard and luxury bikes with price tags that can easily go from thousands of dollars, to ten thousand or more.

Protecting your prized investment against theft or damage is wise, however, with a BigRing Bike Insurance policy you get so much more protection than that.

  • Theft and Damage Protection
  • Ship and Ride Coverage to cover when bikes are being transported
  • Bike Helmet Replacement
  • Stranded Cyclist Coverage
  • Rental Reimbursements
  • Optional Injury Benefits

Some people may think that their homeowner’s policy provides protection for their bikes but they don’t realize that homeowner’s plans probably don’t protect their bikes if something happens away from home.

BigRing knows you take your cycling seriously, and so they have created serious protection to meet your needs All brands of bicycles are insured at their replacement value, regardless of age.

A BigRing Bike Insurance policy gives you peace of mind by knowing while you are cruising down that road, or cranking up that hill, they have you covered. To learn more about bike insurance visit and “keep the rubber on the road”.

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