Looking for a quick and easy way to keep your home clean? Say goodbye to your bulky vacuum cleaner, and hello to Neato Robotics.

Neato Robotics offers a full line of automatic vacuum cleaners to help keep your home spotless and healthy. Featuring a D-shaped design, larger brushes and dust bins, and laser technology, Neato vacuums easily clean dust, dirt, pet hair, and more from any surface.

Think of the Neato robot vacuum as the ultimate cleaning machine. Neato’s smart shape and technology give your floors a smarter clean.

Based in California’s Silicon Valley, Neato Robotics was founded on the idea that it’s possible to create robots that are smart enough to perform household chores as intelligently as a human would. Furthermore, their engineers and scientists dream big and innovate tirelessly with the promise of making all of our lives clean and simple. 

So now, stay tuned to learn more about the benefits of an automatic vacuum cleaner as we go Around the House with Ryan Stanley. Plus, he gives us an inside look at the inner workings of the Neato robot vacuum, including all of the incredible, one-of-a-kind cleaning and programming features.