POMPANO BEACH, Fla., May 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — O2 Media™, an award-winning broadcast media production company, and a leader in television entertainment, today announced its launch into U.S. and local television syndication markets as well as the launch of its fifth TV series, Access Health®, both which continue to solidify the company’s trajectory of growth, and expansion into new markets.

O2 Media, producers of the long-running national cable programs, The Balancing Act® and Designing Spaces™, will be launching the two award-winning hit shows into U.S. television syndication for the 2014-2015 broadcast calendar, beginning this September.

Both series are distributed by California-based, Telco Productions. Women’s magazine style talk show The Balancing Act® will run as a stripped series, Monday through Friday. Home improvement program Designing Spaces™ will run weekly, with weekend airings.  The Balancing Act has cleared 70% of the U.S. broadcast syndication market and will air across 125 stations, representing a total reach of 80.5 million homes. Designing Spaces has cleared 75% of the U.S. broadcast syndication market and will air across 150 stations, representing a total reach of 86.25 million homes.

“We’re pleased to share O2 Media’s solution-oriented programming with our growing audience. New viewers from across the country, covering a wide variety of markets and demographics, will now be able to enjoy these award-winning series. This is yet another stepping stone in our ever-expanding company evolution,” states Josh Souza, VP Development & Distribution, O2 Media.

South Florida based O2 Media is also pleased to announce the local broadcast of two other television series. Their entertainment programs, Mission Makeover®, and reality cooking series All Mixed Up™, are now available in prime time on WHDT, an independent station broadcasting throughout South Florida, and began airing in April 2014, from 7pm-8pm (EST) weekly.

In addition, O2 Media™ is launching its fifth entertainment program, Access Health® a new health & wellness series premiering in the fourth quarter of 2014. The series was created by O2 Media, adding to its roster of four programs, The Balancing Act®, Designing Spaces™, Mission Makeover™, and All Mixed Up™.

Covering an array of topics from women’s health to caring for your mate’s health, the series will provide awareness & guidance by featuring industry experts, products, and services in the health & wellness sector. Online viewer engagement, studio interviews, and in-the-field reports will be incorporated into the program.

The series will be hosted by Ereka Vetrini, host of two TV series on the Veria Living Network, and prior host of live daytime talk show “In the Loop with iVillage” on NBC.

“Launching this informative and entertaining new series to a national television audience is a landmark event for O2 Media. With an incredible roster of health & wellness hosts, all experts in their field, Access Health is a powerful new series dedicated to providing solution-oriented brands, products, and services to our loyal audience,” continued Souza.

About O2 Media
O2 Media™ is a leader in television entertainment, creating and producing more than 2,000 episodes airing across their four award-winning shows The Balancing Act®, Designing Spaces™, Mission Makeover™, and All Mixed Up™ currently airing on Lifetime Television and soon to be seen in U.S. syndication markets this fall. O2 Media™ has collaborated with over 3,000 global and national brands, including Forbes top 500 companies that have come to shoot in the company’s state-of-the-art production and development studios in South Florida.  This has allowed O2 Media™ the unique opportunity to fund and produce successful shows and test brand concepts for marketers.

In addition, O2 Media™ has a successful stand-alone Direct Response division, Incredible Discoveries®, continuing its mission to inspire and enhance the lives of its audience with original and relevant programming.

Visit www.o2mediainc.com to learn more.

SOURCE O2 Media, Inc.