Your first priority in a new or existing home is ensuring the safety of those inside. If you live in a home built before the 1990s, it may be beneficial to replace whole panels when breaker panels are no longer available. Connecticut Electric helps homeowners explore their options that can save both time and money. Next on your homeowner list is ensuring you know when your smoke detector battery needs to be replaced. Roost, Inc., has made sure that you know when your batteries are ready to be switched out with a WiFi-enabled detector, which helps keep your home safe and protected in case of a fire. We can’t forget about Fido’s safety! Now with the help of Invisible Fence, your dog can run outside and play, without the fear of them running away – keeping them on the property and protected! Finally, once your home’s safety is secured, decorate it with the help of Cort Business – they have your furniture needs covered for where life takes you.