Regular vacuuming with a high quality machine is key to maintaining an allergy free environment. Designing Spaces introduces homeowner Karen to Joy Petty and the Maytag team to see how the right vacuum cleaner could be a big step forward in the control of her son Anson’s allergies and asthma. The Maytag vacuum is built to exceed the highest standards for quality and cleanliness. There are huge differences in terms of how well a machine cleans, how well the filtration system works, and how long the vacuum will last.

The pathway the air takes in a Maytag vacuum is sealed so that it all goes through the HEPA media filter, whereas in many other vacuums the pathway has gaps or even drilled holes in it that allows the dirty air to escape back into your home. Karen should see a reduction in allergic reactions with her son, as long as she vacuums frequently and follows recommendations for reducing the causes that can trigger an asthma attack.