We’re back with another edition of Designing Spaces Local, spotlighting a variety of top-notch South Florida home solutions.

First, picking the right doors for your home can have a big impact. Builder’s Bargain is here to guide you along the way.

Next, in need of elevating your current door and closet situation? Look no further than South Florida’s own Miami Doors & Closets.

Then, Fencing South Florida has provided superior-quality fencing products and installation services for residential and commercial properties across South Florida.

In addition, the team at Nationwide Van Lines explains the importance of choosing a trusted and professional moving company.

Did you know with proper care, maintenance, and restoration, marble floors can last generations. That’s where Affordable Marble Reservation comes in.

Lastly, say hello to Ryan Paton, president of Capitol Lending Group. He’s at the Designing Spaces Studio, offering helpful tips and information on mortgage refinancing and fixed rate mortgages.