Correspondent John McCalmont meets with Suzie Reed, Senior Loan Officer for Supreme Lending, at their corporate offices in Dallas, Texas to debunk mortgage myths and clear up a few misconceptions about securing a mortgage for the first time. Suzie explains, “You would be surprised how many people think, especially after 2008, that unless you’re wealthy, buying a home is out of the question. Not true. In fact, the opposite of that misconception happens every day. Don’t assume you’re not qualified.” To make the point, we talk with a new homeowner who learned how the system works and secured a mortgage without being wealthy. Suzie further explains how to prepare for pre-qualification, as well as tidbits of advice and ideas to help a first time buyer have all their finances and paperwork together. Suzie concludes, “Don’t be afraid to call a licensed mortgage lender to talk through the loan options available to you, based on your finances and credit.”